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I can sleep through the night again!!! Thank you Dr. Kilian!! more

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Dr. Amanda Kilian's staff really treats you right! more

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Dr. Amanda Kilian is a person I trust to adjust my elderly parents. more

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Friendly staff, beautiful office, in-house acupuncture, Dr. Kilian is awesome! more Verified Patient Reviews Logo

Always professional and caring. I would recommend Dr. Kilian to my family and friends! more

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Dr. Amanda M. Kilian ( DC ) Tulsa, OK Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Webster Technique

Dr. Amanda Kilian ( DC ) in Tulsa is a board-certified Chiropractor with additional specialized training in the Webster Technique. Her patients know her as being a very compassionate, personable and thorough doctor who's actions speak louder than her words.

Dr. Kilian likes to research evidenced-based alternatives to drugs and surgery for her patients. Her desire is to help people live a better life by taking a preemptive stance on healthcare. As the great Thomas Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." more

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Adjusting Babies

30-Jan-2015  |  Comments (48)  |  Views : 3935

Why would someone bring a perfect, precious little baby to Dr. Amanda Kilian's Chriopractic office? How can a child have anything out of alignment? Dr. Kilian works on the nervous system to improve overall body function, and can help babies with ear infections, colds, stomach pain and even breast feeding. Click here to schedule an appointment.
Webster Technique

5-Feb-2015  |  Comments (67)  |  Views : 7724

Dr. Amanda Kilian in Tulsa is Webster Technique certified to create an ideal position of the pelvic bones. There is much misinformation about this technique's only purpose being to turn breech babies. By aligning the space for baby, it is often observed that breech babies turn vertex, or head down. This is a wonderful side effect observed by some. The treatment goal is to reduce subluxation of the sacrum. Click here to schedule an appointment.
Tulsa Chriopractor, Acupuncture, Webster Technique Amanda Kilian owns and operates Active Approach Chiropractic in Tulsa found here